Take a look at our very competitive rates & fees

Our rates & 
  1. 0 - 1 miles
  2. 2 or More (empty)
  3. 2 or more (loaded)
  4. Local tows (in-town)
  5. Impounded Veh. fee
  6. Extra Equipment
  7. Storage Fee
  8. Military Discount
  9. Senior Discount
Impounded vehicle fee applies to picking up a vehicle after hours (not between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m).

All rates listed at right are for Class A/B vehicles which weigh 12,000lb or less.  Class C vehicles (12,001 lb or more) are higher.

If you have any questions call (575)838-2080.
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Impounded vehicles may only be picked up by the registered owner or their designated agent by appropriate form.  If you need the form, call (575)838-2080 and we can fax/email you one so you can fill it out and have it signed by the registered owner of the vehicle you are  picking up.  

Note: We only accept cash for impounded vehicles
We also offer connection to local cab service, mechanic shops, repair shops and in some cases weekend services to get you back on the road